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Custom Portraits

My custom portraits are hand drawn in pencil with the highest level of detail and realism. They are a great way to honor loved ones or favorite pets in a beautiful work of art to be cherished for years to come.

Prices are based on paper size and number of subjects. Prices shown are for single subjects with blank backgrounds. Each additional subject is 20% extra. Complex details and background shading will increase the time and cost. Matting and framing may be provided at an additional cost.


8 x 10 inch ($500)

11 x 15 inch ($750)

15.5 x 21.5 inch ($1,100)


How it works:


Begin by contacting me to discuss your idea including emailing me photos of your subject. Details in the facial features are extremely important so high resolution photos are necessary. Additional photos can help me be more creative and accurate with your portrait.


I'll study your photos and offer my thoughts on how well I think they will work as a portrait.


We will then discuss size and price options as well as an estimated time for completion. While I make every attempt to complete my portraits in a timely manner it is a time consuming process that can take six weeks or more to complete depending on image size and other project deadlines.


Shipping fees will be added to the total cost. Prices depend on size and weight of artwork and method of delivery. Extreme care will be taken in packaging to insure there is no damage during shipping.


I sometimes offer my favorite portrait sales as prints. If you do not wish to have your portrait sold as a print, please indicate so.


If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your portrait you are not obligated to purchase.


Please contact me at or (206) 853-8749.


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